Welcome to the game.

This campaign follows the (mis)adventures of a group of players fairly new to role-playing games, with a (theoretically) experienced GM, in a heavily house-ruled version of Classic Traveller.

For those that are unaware, Traveller is a far future, science fiction role-playing game originally published in the 70’s by Game Designers Workshop. It is not a great system as each new version has consistently improved on the previous edition, but that is why it is being house-ruled.

Ne’i Tarso’mei Cadzu is a homebrew setting with all of the content being either original creations by just the GM or a collaboration between the GM and players, or a derivative creation with the original and it’s maker being given credit for the inspiration. The name comes from Lojban and is (very, VERY poorly) translated to “Within the galaxy we walk”.

This portal will be used to organise game information available to all the players, such as traits of common races, house-rules in effect, designs of ships they’ve come across, character sheets for PC’s and important/recurring NPC’s, etc. as well as serve as a log of the player’s character’s adventures.

If you have suggestions, complaints, comments, or (heaven forbid) praise, please message me or email me at: yoda3455@hotmail.com

Ne'i Tarso'imei Cadzu

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